Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hey Ladies!!

So work has completely started. Tully's (the coffee shop I work at) has very nice people and the tips are pretty good for a coffee shop. Then I'm working at Boom Noodle some nights (right now I'm just in the Seattle location, but hopefully the Bellevue one will open soon??).

I have some friends (girls from camp) coming up to visit March 14th!! I'm going to sign us all up for a St. Patrick's day dash (like a 5K that you don't have to run and you dress up REALLY goofy for)... we are gonna go see the space needle, zoo, aquarium, cruise around the harbor, etc. You know, all that touristy stuff. Probably go up to Snoqualmie Falls too for a little hike and a great view of the waterfall!!

I'm making some friends at work. We aren't really friends outside of work yet, but that's OK because I mostly clean and sleep when I am not at work.

I really like the church I go to, ya'll can check it out if you go to (they post all their sermons on there, and this past sunday's was very entertaining).

OK, I gotta dry my hair and head to the coffee shop... miss you girls!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gold's Gym

So at the gym they have an individual tv attached to every single cardio machine... this may be old news to some of ya'll, but i've only frequented the rec in the last 5 years, so this was like technology at it's greatest for me (especially since i don't own an ipod).

Also, this place is weird, because you would think people who want to work out go to the gym... so WHY do they have FREE VALET? because people are too lazy to walk from their car to the door? i'm telling you, this is not a very big parking lot. But whatever, I just thought it a little silly.

You know what is also silly. I have to go to train for the coffee shop in seattle today. I needed some white polo's for the uniform, so I went to target (because we don't have wal-mart) and got some for pretty cheap. Well i put it on this morning and it was like a suction cup... therefore I had to forage in closets for one that would work for today until I can exchange them. SO, I'm wearing my 10 year old nephews white school polo... classic.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So things are looking up since the last post.

I started working at Boom Noodle (just training at the Seattle location). I interviewed and got a job yesterday at Tully's (a coffee chain here, almost as big in numbers as Starbuck's) and that training will be the beginning of next week.

Other than that, nothing interesting. My life is Gold's Gym, catching up on Lost episodes, and reading, but i love living here.

anyway, have a happy valentine's day weekend with your boys :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today i buckled under the pressure of continuous advertisement and a cheap offer...

That's right, I ate a $3 mini-meal from McDonalds and if you know me at all, you know that I really don't like that place. I mean it tastes good, but I'm a nutrition major, and it goes against all that I've paid good money to learn.

Never-the-less, I'll be spending my morning tomorrow detoxing and exercising the devilish food right out of me.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

As I sit here enjoying my cup of coffee...

I will give you a play by play of last night's awkwardness...

When you are new in a City/Town/State/Etc. you gotta work at it to get yourself out there and meet people, especially when you are new and all alone. So to say the least I have been in and out of informational after informational from nursing school to volunteering to jobs to churches... and you know what? it gets old walking into that big room all alone. But you learn to mask it, you just put on a cheesy smile and whisper in someone's ear "Is this where I'm supposed to be? What do I do" Because obviously:
1. you are a few minutes late, only because the other option was being 15 minutes early, which opens you up to a whole new world of awkwardness
2. you really aren't sure if this was where you were supposed to be

Hence, last night's awkwardness... Now let me brief you, i actually didn't feel that awkward, I have learned to find these situations quite entertaining because I have come to the realization that these people don't know who I am, and if I wanted to, I would never have to see them again.

OK, so here we go. I have had a cold the last few days, but yesterday I was feeling good... REAL GOOD. So I go to the "new people" class, and I am a little excited but a little reluctant.

Then I get there and about 20 minutes into it (after being late) I start to feel that tickle, you know the one that comes on before a coughing fit. So I immediately start to chew my gum and suck on the spit to try and immitate water and ease the itch... no dice. So i start coughing and have to get up and get some water.

Then I come back and my nose starts to run. So i'm sniffling and trying to avoid wiping my nose with my hand. Then i succumb to pinching my nose to ease the tingling sensation.

THEN my left eye starts to water uncontrollably as the sniffling continues and the cough makes a reappearance. Thank YOU mr. cold for making a roaring introduction right in the middle of my awkward "i'm a new kid at church" class...

Anyway, it wasn't that bad, but in my head I was cracking up. I also felt like the youngest person there because I am not yet a "professional"... nursing school couldn't come fast enough, so i at least don't feel like a bum...

Please pray for my job situation, I am still currently unemployed and am becoming increasingly discouraged. I got hired at a new restaurant that wasn't scheduled to open until later this month, but when I inquired about the actual date it was to open and we were to start training the girl never responded. It has been a month since my interview and still no response from her, besides the initial hiring. So after 2 weeks I started applying again, but these restaurants told me that they had JUST finished their hiring and were done... basically telling me i have the worst timing ever? I just can't believe it. SO please please please keep this in your prayers, i'm sweatin bullets over here (and it's NOT HOT HERE... lol)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Once a cheat, always a cheat...

Dear Dr. Pepper,

I have been cheating on you with Coca-Cola (classic, that is)... however, today, in the very act of tasting Coke's sweet sweet nectar, I realized something was missing... it's you

I miss you, can't wait to buy you again at the store.

see you soon DP,
<3 your old friend,

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been trying out several churches since my arrival to the NW. Today I tried one in downtown seattle (about a 20 minute commute from my house w/o traffic). I thought there would be traffic and horrible parking, but it actually turned out great. The church was awesome. One that all my friends FROM TEXAS have been urging me to go to. It's a very 'young' church (lots of young people there) which was nice, since my life has been consumed with under 10 and 35+... The best part, however, was the drive.

As I crossed the bridge into Seattle (and that alone is pretty, with all the water) I could see the space needle directly in front of me amongst all the buildings downtown. Then I exit and come up right between Safeco and Qwest Fields (where the Mariners and the Seahawks play, respectively)... plus just the excitement and life of the city (even on a sunday morning, there was some life to it)... I'm still so glad I live here, even if it has been tough moving up here alone... and my relationship with God grows each day, with increasing dependence on Him. It is awful, it is wonderful, it is new, & it's necessary