Saturday, September 5, 2009

downer of the week...

I just came to the realization that I no longer have a choice, I must start taking the metro... what's the point in having a car up here anyway???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


No i'm not in Hawaii... but it would be nice :)

So Holly (from El Paso) has just moved up here... she lives on the north end just out of Seattle city limits, but only 20 from my house, so it's nice to have a little piece of home near by :)

Work is ok, but i need more shifts... loans are stressful

I'm currently working on how i'm going to attend all these weddings in the first 3 months of 2010... actually, scratch that, 1st i have to figure out how i'm gettin home for thanksgiving (christmas will be in seattle)

All is great, i'm having fun and enjoying life. I need to go hiking again soon! no boy news... i like my roommates, they are nice. haven't gotten to know them all that well yet, but in good time. miss y'all dearly

Oh and a large transvestite asked me repeatedly to play pool last night and after i said no twice (the second time i realized (s)he wasn't asking the entire table but instead just me) (s)he asked somberly "are you sure?" and i said "yes, i'm sure"...
gotta love seattle

<3 ash