Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do ya'll still read this??

Hey girls!! Figured you would want an update since I left Seattle!!

I flew to Denver 2 weeks ago and drove to Houston with my friend Nick (also from camp). I got to see my sister and the kids for a few days and then we headed to camp!!

This past week is what they call work week... and it is exactly that. We meet in the mornings and one full time member will give a talk on the word of the day (integrity, commitment, attitude, recognition, or enthusiam)... usually they are pretty entertaining. Then they basically just delegate jobs to everyone and you do that job until you are done. This week I helped clean out A/C units, made bulletin boards, painted posts, cleaned, etc. I did help catch a snake that we found in the softball shed and it's been fun being able to catch up with all the old friends. All the new counselors come in on Monday so I'm excited to meet some new people. This weekend is boater's inservice, so i'll be out on the lake all day today and part of tomorrow. (YAY!!) Other than that i can't think of anything too interesting.. how are ya'll??

<3 ashley

Sunday, May 10, 2009

last leg

almost back to TX! I'm excited, but i feel like the months of anticipation have hindered me from really getting rooted here. guess that will have to wait until august.

grey's anatomy is at an all time AWESOME right now... i sob every episode. i know none of ya'll watch that anymore.. but i love it

Sunday, May 3, 2009


5 days until Jessica gets married?!?!?!

15 days until i fly to Denver and start that monstrous drive to Houston

20 days until my summer at camp starts

151 days until the Austin City Limits music festival :)

??? days until I begin nursing school... ugh